Board Members

Today, the OSF is run by a board of community members passionate about education and opportunity for Oconomowoc-area students.

Board of Directors – 2021-2022


  • President: Jolene Pipp
  • Vice President / President-elect: Katie Sadorf
  • Treasurer: Steve Garman
  • Secretary of Student Affairs: Jeff Ek
  • Acknowledgment Secretary: Katie Sadorf
  • Recording Secretary Position: Brenda Pillard


  • William Lentz
  • Todd Scheid
  • Angela Fisher
  • Mike Miller
  • Rebecca Seymour
  • Steve Garman
  • Mike Toennies
  • Panny Bongardt
  • Liberty Wieseman
  • Colleen Moran
  • Brad Bella

Pictured Left to Right: William Lentz, Colleen Moran, Katie Sadorf, Jolene Pipp, Brad Bella, Panny Bongardt, Mike Miller, Linda Patel, Steve Garman, Angela Fisher, Brenda Pillard, Jeff Ek, Rebecca Seymour
Not Pictured: Mike Toennies, Liberty Wieseman, Todd Scheid